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Applying for Jobs

Applying for jobs can be a minefield these days. From LinkedIn to the plethora of jobs sites, not to mention the changing landscape of remote work and job titles you've never heard of, it can be easy to get downhearted.

We have a range of professional packages available, depending on what stage of your career you're at, to help you get the very best application ready.

And remember, you can have a 30 minute, no-strings, online consultation absolutely free before you decide.

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How to Purchase
Prices are dependent on the stage of career you're at, as well as the different elements you need.

So for instance, if you're straight out of school wanting a CV, it'll be cheaper than if you're Chief Surgeon at Twam Hospital!

You can also save if you buy elements together, for instance:
CV + Letter + LinkedIn 
from just 350AED/

Click on the button above and fill in the Google Form to place an order now. One of our representatives will be in touch with you within 24 hours!

CV or Resume from just 200AED/£45

An outstanding, professional CV or resume, ATS- (applicant tracking software) ready, professionally formatted and promoting your unique strengths and qualities will make you stand out from the crowd.


Cover Letter from just 100AED/£22.50

Your cover letter is your opportunity to start putting the detail to some of that information in your CV or resume. This is where your personality can really shine through - or not! At Next Steps, we make sure we showcase the real you, not just reel off a generic one-size-fits all document.


LinkedIn Profile from just 100AED/£22.50

LinkedIn is the go-to service for numerous employers, job seekers and head hunters. Getting noticed in such a crowded space can be daunting but,  there are a few simple tweaks you can make. And not only will we get it all updated for you, we'll also share how we've done it so you can update to your heart's content moving forwards.


Interview Preparation from just 200AED/£45 p/h

Lots of us find the thought of an interview absolutely terrifying. Practising with the pressure off is a good way of starting to tackle that fear. The practice will be completely bespoke to your needs, with a non-judgmental, coaching approach to help you to improve your answers, your body language and how you're perceived by others. You'll come away brimming with confidence!


Career Coaching from just 350AED/£80

For some of us it's not as simple as just choosing a new job and applying. Maybe you're looking for a change in career; perhaps a relocation has its appeals. Coaching can help you to unpick all that confusion and make a decision you feel confident about. You'll be working 1:1 with an experienced, fully certified coach to support you in achieving your goals.

Please note, although this is offered on a one-off basis, it is recommended that you undertake a series of sessions on a regular basis over a period of time, in order to gain the full impact.

Geneva, California, US

My experience was absolutely amazing. Simon was a pleasure to work with and truly showed he cared. I am 100% satisfied."

Derek H, UK

"Simon was more than helpful, not having had to prepare a CV the whole of my long working life I had no idea where or how to begin. This was for a specific role I had been invited to apply for and he guided me through every detail. More than satisfied - it was a enjoyable experience."

Jane, UK

"Simon was really helpful through out the whole process. He helped me construct my Cv well and I have a better understanding how to construct a cover letter. Really helped me improve my Linkedin too. Would definitely recommend to use this service if your struggling with where to start."
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