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from 1300AED/£300 6x1h sessions

In an increasingly multicultural world, more and more workplaces use English as the common language despite many of its workers not being native speakers. Being able to communicate effectively is vital, both to your effectiveness in your job and to your own self-confidence.

Working with a fully UK qualified English teacher and professional development expert, you'll get the level of support and expertise you need.

The Business English courses we offer range from simple communication through to advanced influencing skills. Courses are generally run online over six weekly one hour sessions. All of them are completely bespoke to your individual needs.

Our training for business includes:

  • business meetings

  • team building

  • sales presentations

  • negotiation

  • business correspondance

  • executive summaries

  • business reports

We will happily consider larger group sizes and face-to-face tuition, prices tbc.

Next Steps, professional CV writing in the UAE, resume, cover letters

Basic Workplace English 

If you're just starting out in an English-speaking environment, and perhaps lack the confidence you feel you need, this is the place to start. Over an initial six sessions, each of one hour, we will follow a bespoke programme tailored to your needs. You will quickly build the self-belief to converse with your colleagues and clients in English.


Intermediate: Grammar & Idiomatic English

English grammar can be extremely confusing. Throw in our idioms and even those who speak the language as natives get muddled up! Not enough room to swing a cat? Discussing the elephant in the room? Knocking off early? Now you can learn how to express yourself in English as well as you can in your mother tongue.


Advanced: Improved Grammar + Influencing Skills 

Influencing others isn't about bullying them, or giving the best potential deal. It's about building relationships and developing an understanding with people. That's much easier to do, of course, with a deeper understanding of the language. In this course, we'll also discuss some interesting features of behaviour and business development tools, including presentation and negotiation skills, to help you become even more successful.

Piotr Kulikowski, Switzerland

“After one year of online classes I improved my language skills and confidence significantly by speaking, which makes me now feel much more comfortable during business meetings. We practised grammar, speaking, reading and writing. We also analysed various literary styles. Simon relies on high quality educational material and can recognise quickly your areas for improvement. It was also a joy to work with him, because of hispositive attitude and exceptional sense of humour! "

Junio Caselli, Pisa 

"Working in a multinational company, with a multinational team, it was necessary for me to improve my ability to make myself understood and to understand different accents from around the world. Simon provided me not only with sessions on English speaking skills, but also on how to prepare my mindset for a better way of communicating concepts. He is a kind of semantic English teacher!"

Anastasia, Ukraine

“Fun and interactive lessons that were designed for me an adapted to help me improve where I needed to. Thank you, Simon!”
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